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Design Tools

Below are links to some external resources that will help you design your floor. These tools are great to help you get started if you enjoy the hands-on experience.

ShawShaw has a great tool for designing a room. Here Shaw has put together a Flash program enabling you to take any room, change the paint on the walls, change the flooring type or color, and also contains one click product statistics. This is best viewed in Internet Explorer although most web browsers should accept the program with some updates.

Armstrong_1Armstrong’s Design a Room is a great tool for a total room makeover. This Flash enabled web page allows you the freedom of changing the color or texture of the walls, cabinets, ceiling and of course the floors. You can also browse products by quality, color, or look.

Business Partners

Below are the brands and suppliers that Carter Quality Hardwood Flooring is pleased to work with. Specialty woods and other suppliers can be used, as well. Somerset Hardwood Flooring: Solid, Engineered, and Character products.

SomersetSomerset Hardwood Flooring: Solid, Engineered, and Character products.

BruceBruce Hardwood: Solid and Laminate flooring.

Armstrong_2Armstrong Flooring; Solid, Laminate, and many other flooring options.

Shaw_2Shaw: Solid, Laminate, Ceramic, and Carpet flooring.

MohawkMohawk: Solid, Engineered, Laminate, Ceramic, Carpet options.

MullicanMullican Flooring: Solid and Engineered flooring.

vikingViking Hardwood Flooring: Domestic & Exotic Solids and Cork.

PergoPergo: Laminate Flooring.